The first wish
লিখেছেন নীলজোসনা, সেপ্টেম্বর ১৬, ২০১৬ ৩:৫৯ পূর্বাহ্ণ


It was the first morning of the new creature. But she didn’t know it! As she opened her eyes, the eyelids blinked several times. She stood up, was surprised. Rather looking at her surroundings, she touched her own body, ‘Who am I?’  

A voice came into her ears, ‘You are Eve!’ She uttered, ‘Eve! Eve!!’

It was the first lovely morning in the heaven. God, let a new creature, a human being, step on the green grasses of the endless field. He called again,


-‘Eve’ she told.


She wasn’t looking for the voice, but looked determined now.


Now she knows, she’s Eve. She looked at the ground, the voice told,


She felt a soft touch on her eyes. Now she lifted her hands and touched them with a reply,


God taught all the things’ names to this new creature, a human, whom he has blown life from his own existence. But something more surprising was waiting for the angels who were called for a ceremony. God introduced Eve and her knowledge. She stood firm, touched her eyes and closed them. The angels heard the most rhythmic voice ever,

-God gave me eyes! Praise on Him.

This was amazing, they thought, it can create words! Then suddenly, she started telling all the names, along with god’s name after each.

-God gave me a flower, its lovely!

-God created green. Grasses are green. They have life.


All angels except Satan bowed her as God ordered them. The heaven, with all the blooming flowers looked more gorgeous for her. She loved to be alone, walked into the trees, sat beside the fountains for hours. God asked her every evening,

-‘what do you want more?’ She only gave back a satisfied smile.

In one cursed evening, she answered, ‘I want to live in another world where everything will be working by their own. Unlike this one, I will have many things to dislike. I want to feel how my anger, I want to see my other side.’ Satan, from behind, said, ‘Yes, She obeyed me!’


Anondi woke up with pain in the joints of her body. But still was thinking about the dream. She remembered her father’s face. The ill-fated unable-to-pay-dowry man came to visit her yesterday with two baskets of mango. Anondi’s in-laws returned a father without letting him to meet his daughter keeping his baskets with pleasure. He left with his eyes full of tears, was wiping them every time he looked back. But she doesn’t know was it the unpaid dowry or her father’s visit which made them beating her in the evening, for the thousandth time.

Now she was drawing a ladder with a cow beside her. Unlike its companion, he cow had a heavy breakfast in the morning who is not married to any man of this house.

For the tenth or more time, she stumbled on her feet and looked up. The sun was generous up there. She remembered the fairy tales heard in her childhood, was comparing them with the dream she was still muttering. 

-‘Heavens! Not for women!’ she admonished herself.




পোস্টটি ৭৮৩ বার পঠিত
 ৩ টি লাইক
১ টি মন্তব্য

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