Marry a feminist
লিখেছেন অর্ফিয়ুস, মার্চ ১২, ২০১৭ ৩:১০ অপরাহ্ণ

She is wonderful, because she knows herself.
She knows how to feel herself, she knows how to manage herself.
You need not to always hold her hands for the sake of holding. You can hold her, only when you love to.

She is amazing, because she can wait.
She knows, she is a human being, a perfect one.
She is here on earth not only to get and forget, but also to give and forgive.
You may not feel special always, but you will feel important.
Her hands, trust me, can hold yours, if needed.

She is different, because she understands.
You may forget the dates, anniversaries or appointments.
She will know, you will repay.
Because she knows your money bag, she will find happiness in tiny roadside cups.

She is logical, because she can feel.
She may not put on heavy make ups for you.
She knows, her soothing eyes are enough to comfort you.

She is strong, because she can think independently.
She can go to pick up someone in the station or walk alone late night.
She knows you will listen, so she can take decisions.
She takes risks, to save others, because she knows she can.

She is nonparallel, because she can look into your eyes, straight, not from above or below.
She can make you feel, she is a human being too.
She can make you do impossibles, because she loves to introduce you to the universe around.
Because she feel your strength, she can make you feel honored.

Marry a feminist, if you are desperate enough to taste life.
Believe me, you’ll feel different.
You will get to know yourself along with her.

Go ahead, If you know one.

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 ১ টি লাইক
১ টি মন্তব্য

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চক সিলেট

Very nice post… and pretty feelings ….
Carry on pls.